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Music is Forever

Music is your friend in need when no friends can be found, your lover when your date stands you up, your partner when you want to sing and no one will sing with you, your haven from a horrible day... Music will never judge or abandon you, will not think or speak harshly of you and will always support your desires and wishes in life. It supports all you want and believe in. 

The power of music, whether played, listened to or written, soothes your heart, slows your pulse if you choose or quickens it if you wish, calms yet stirs your inner soul; brings overflowing peace to your mind and body. It is dependable, always there, forever available, always free, thanks to the Internet and your collection of music. 

Late at night I sit in my office, pick up my favorite guitar, play many songs on YouTube and for that time I am up on that stage, playing WITH those people that wrote and perform the songs that tune the strings that tug at my heart, that draws me back to that guitar nearly every night.

In college at Gonzaga I only had five albums my Freshman year and played them non-stop. I still have them all and now my sons and daughter get to experience those, just as I did in my dorm in 1971. Music is timeless and will outlast us all... 

I launched this site out of love for music. Share my love of the music that binds us all.

Raymond Frederick Oelrich

Founder, My Song

About My Song Website

Unique and Different

This site will be a collection of music, singers, songwriters, composers and musicians from around the world. We will feature many talented artists well known like Estas Tonne, shown here in 2017. One of the finest guitarists in the world, he is one of many the rest of us admire and look to for inspiration. Here is info about this amazing artist and his tour dates. We are promoting him here by simply showing his talent on our site and links to his concert and music. https://estastonne.bandcamp.com/track/introspection

Here is one of his albums online to enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sJy865Fcpk

Showcase to the World

Help us help the music industry. If you wish to be featured here drop me a line. If you know someone else that should be on our site let us know. 

We would love to hear from you. 

Music tunes the vibration of our soul


We feature artists from around the world. Songs will be available for purchase, sharing, download as well as CD and DVD sales online. Music videos and links will be also be available. Stream your songs on your own page with your bio, how you got your start, your favorite artist and how you will make your mark in the music world.

New Artist Showcase

We will showcase a new artist each week; their music, story and unique approach to songs and songwriting. Each new artist featured can offer links to their downloads, music videos and even products sold on our site. If you are a new artist contact us for your own page and how you too can be featured in this new artist section.


Songs all start with someone putting their ideas into lyrics and adding a melody and soundtrack that becomes a song. EVERY song written starts out in someone's mind, then an instrument, or several, until it evolves into a song. Some songs make millions of dollars and are recorded by dozens of artists and covered by many more.

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